Biological Age Test Kit

Biological Age Test Kit

Have you ever wondered, "What's my biological age?" - well now you can find out. As part of the Do Not Age mission to extend healthy lifespan for as many people as possible we are offering Biological Age Test Kits to determine your true epigenetic age, rather than your chronological age.


How we calculate your biological age

Your biological age result is 100% derived from your DNA. How we live leaves biological marks on our DNA, known as epigenetic marks. We measure a specific type of epigenetic mark called DNA methylation. Previous biological age tests or "first generation" tests looked at anywhere from 20 - 2000 epigenetic markers. We analyze over 20 million of these marks that were extracted from your saliva sample and identify which ones are related to your ageing process before applying machine learning models to map these complex patterns and derive your true biological age.


Our kits are powered by Chronomics, you can find out more about Chronomics here.

Our test kit is non-invasive and can easily be done at your home without assistance.


This is a limited time pre-order so if you would like a test to determine how old your body is, book now to ensure that you receive one as soon as they are ready.

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