Pure Fisetin - 60 Capsules

Pure Fisetin - 60 Capsules

Our Pure Fisetin provides 800mg of fisetin per serving. Fisetin is a senolytic that has great potential to reverse ageing and protect us from brain damages and cancer. Each bottle contains 60 x 0.4g capsules, providing 800mg of pure fisetin per day.


Getting enough fisetin from our diets is difficult, the most fisetin (by far) is found in strawberries. One strawberry contains on average less than 2mg of fisetin. This means to get the same fisetin from your diet as you do from one serving of Pure Fisetin, the minimum you would have to eat is 400 strawberries!


Fisetin has been shown to remove senescent cells, reduce inflammation, protect brain health, fight cancer and, perhaps most importantly, it has been shown to increase healthy lifespan in an animal study.

Each capsule contains:
400mg fisetin

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