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Why age, when you don't have to?

After just 10 days, our second batch of pure NMN & resveratrol has sold out. We could never have expected such a reaction and we're very grateful to all our customers, new and old.  This means we now have a short wait while we create a third batch, so we appreciate your patience. We have kept the original pricing for any customers that pre-order, see link below.

Those that have followed our journey will know that our UK factory was broken into earlier in 2019, and over £100,000 of stock was taken. As such, we have removed our company details from the website. We have plans to split the office and the factory (we need a larger one now!) as soon as possible, and will renew the company details once this is complete. If you have any questions, just use the Contact page and the team will be happy to help.